Anxiety Relief

The dental team at Cliffgar Dental are trained in sedation and anxiety relief techniques. Sedation forms a routine part of patient care within the practice for both nervous patients and those undergoing long/extensive procedures where it improves patient comfort. Both dentists trained in sedation in St Marks College London, and our team of nurses includes several who are sedation trained.

Types of sedation offered:

Inhalation sedation
Also known as laughing gas or happy gas, it is commonly used to settle anxious patients and uses a simple nose piece to breathe the gas; it is a carefully balanced mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen.
Inhalation sedation makes patients pleasantly relaxed but still conscious, and fully able to cooperate.
After the procedure is complete the effects clear quickly with no lasting side effects.

IV (Intravenous) sedation
This involves placing a small cannula into a vein in the arm to administer a carefully measured dose of a drug called midazolam. It is usually not uncomfortable, and this method delivers a very quick and predictable sedation where patients are calm, relaxed and much more amenable to treatment. Patients are conscious at all times.
After treatment most patients have very little memory of the procedure, this is an effect of the medication and is often seen as an advantage.
Patients will continue to experience some effects for 24 hours and sedation of this type will only be offered where patients have arranged an escort for transport and supervision for the remainder of the day. You cannot drive or operate machinery in this time.

Both forms of sedation are conditional upon completion of a satisfactory medical assessment by our team.


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