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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer accounts for around 2% of all cancers and is best caught in the early stages as it can be very serious. At Cliffgar Dental we take a holistic approach to your dental health and include an oral cancer screening at all routine examinations as well as recording anything untoward noted at e.g. an appointment for treatment, so as to identify and act early wherever possible.

Things to be aware of/bring to our attention:

  • Mouth ulcers that don’t heal within several weeks
  • Unexplained or persistent lumps
  • Unexplained loose teeth or non-healing sockets after extraction
  • Unexplained numbness or altered sensation
  • Changes in speech
  • Red or white patches

If you feel you are experiencing any of the above symptoms for more than 3 weeks, or have noticed something else unusual which concerns you we recommend seeking our advice or that of your GP, particularly if you smoke or drink heavily.

Oral cancer facts:

  • 2% percent of all UK and Ireland cancers
  • Oral cancer has increased by 33% since 1990 in UK and Ireland
  • Occurs most commonly between 50-75 years
  • More common in males
  • Risk factors include smoking, use of chewing tobacco, heavy alcohol consumption, infections

You can find further information on the NHS and Cancer Research UK websites.


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